Smart Car Diffuser

Smart Car Diffuser on the go!

Introducing Arome City - "Smart Car Diffuser"

You bought your dream car and want to keep it smelling like as it just left the showroom?

Look no further, the Arome City Smart car diffuser comes with several smart features such as:

• It can detect when the car is in motion. It will automatically become active while the car is in motion and when the car stops, it turns OFF on its own to save on essential oil waste and battery power!
• It has a built-in rechargeable battery, that can be charged using the provided USB cable and the Smart Car Diffuser can be moved between different vehicles.
• 5 scent intensity levels to choose from.
• 30ml Essential oil capacity and the essential bottle is provided with unit.
• Elegant packaging, feel and look.
• Dashboard rubber pad for easy and secure placement on car dash boards.

Please chose the scent of your choice when ordering. Each unit comes with one free 30 ml essential oil bottle.

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Gift Ideas: Christmas, New Car Purchase, Birthday, Fathers' day, Mothers day, Corporate give away, Anniversary, Graduation

Note: Please only use Arome City Smart Car diffuser essential oils which are specifically formulated for our diffusers.

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