Arome City - "Pisa"

Introducing the Arome City "Pisa" is a standalone system. An elegant piece of décor for your home, office or business. 

Make your home/office/lobby feeling like a luxury 5-star hotel, 24 x 7!

Please note this is unit can be filled with up to 500 ml of essential oil.

Key Features of Arome City "Pisa"

  • LCD touch screen programming, "or" WIFI programming option via our smart phone app.
  • High precision atomizer head.
  • High quality pump with long life.
  • Intelligent microcomputer control, and very low power consumption.
  • Scent cycle frequency settings. Set work time from Monday to Sunday. Intelligent 24 programming. Set working hours’ time as per your personal "or" business needs.
  • Built-in filter Noise filter with excellent noise reduction.
  • With built-in fan, when pump stops working the fan continues to work 5 seconds for better fragrance diffusion and to maximize on proper use of essential oil.

Unit Dimensions are:

  • Height: 21"
  • Width: 6"
  • Depth: 6"

Arome City "Pisa" is a centralized large Essential OIL diffuser system with an easy-to-follow instructions to set it up.

No Water Required - unlike most diffusers, Arome City "Pisa" requires no water, making this machine water free. No Heat, no damage to the essential oils, very low noise. 

Easy to Install and operate - The Arome City "Pisa" machine has a simple timer to program it. 

Extra Large Coverage - Residential and Commercial Air freshener Arome City "Pisa" machine for up to 3,000 Square Ft.

Cold-Air Diffusion (Nebulizing) Scenting technology, No heat no water for Home or Commercial Use.

Timer - You can set any working time as you like to adjust aroma Oil Fragrance Intensity.

Applications - Home, clubs, Spa, KTV, Hotel lobby, shopping Mall, clothes shops, Casino and so on

The fragrance is diffused through Arome City "Pisa", Nebulization (cold-air diffusion), a process that breaks down essential aroma oils into a very fine dry mist. This preserves the intention and integrity behind oils, while maximizing their therapeutic powers, without diluting it in water, any other solvent, or using any type of heat.

This Nebulizing technology, combined with an essential and aroma oil blend, produces nano particles that suspend in the air for several hours providing the benefits of therapeutic use essential oils or simply enhancing the ambiance in your home "or" office.

Diffusing helps to reduce dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter. 

Cold-air scent diffusers support healthy indoor air quality while providing ambiance and well-being for you and your family.

Note: 5G Wi-Fi routers are not supported at this point.

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