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Ultrasonic diffusers vs. cold air nebulization

There is a key difference been ultrasonic diffusers vs. cold air nebulization diffusers as to how they operate and what type of scented oil is needed for these machines.

While ultrasonic diffusers rely on water to evaporate essential oils, nebulizing diffusers rely on an air-jet pump to blow the air across the top of the tube. This creates a vacuum to lift the fine particles on the surface of essential oils and disperse these tiny droplets into the air.

PLEASE DO NO NOT USE Ultrasonic oils with cold air diffusers or vise versa. This can damage the machine and will void warranty.

At Arome city we offer the following Ultrasonic diffusers and the oil refill bottles for these three machines:

  • Isola
  • Smart Car diffuser
  • Smart Car diffuser Mini
All other products on our web site uses cold air technology therefore you must purchased scented essential oils they are specifically designed for these machines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact us form and a scent specialist will give you a call.
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