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Scent Academy

Are you new to home "or" office/commercial space scenting? No worries, we got you all covered. Let us walk you through step by step how our scenting solutions can enhance your life, the life of your love ones "or" to bring the power of scenting solutions to your business space and to monetize on enhancing customers buying experience which is proven to increase sales and customer engagement.

The traditional scenting solutions heavily relied on water based technologies which basically do not provide sufficient amount of aroma to your living quarters "or" to your office/commercial space. Not to mention, you have to keep changing the water and essential oils loose all of their natural powers during the dilution process.

Arome City utilizes cold air nebulization technology to break down pure essential oil to its molecular level and turn them into a fine mist. This process requires a very high quality air pump (to extend the life of the machine) and to avoid essential oils from clogging the nozzle from break down of essential oils to its molecular level. All this process is controlled by a centralize processors based system that gives you the complete control on the intensity of the scent to diffuse, duration of silence and through our WiFi app, you can control almost every aspect of the machines functions.


At Arome City, we offer a wide variety of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of all types of customers.
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Smart Car Diffuser on the go!
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Arome City - "Pisa"
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Introducing Arome City - "Hawaii"
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Arome City - "Paris"
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